Tax Return


We are a experienced and registered tax agent and are aware of new tax rules and legislations as and when they become a law. It may feel like it is very easy to complete the tax return form, but people do make mistakes and these mistakes sometimes cost a lot. Consequently, people end up receiving inaccurate benefits for which they might get penalised by the ATO. We are a professional, experienced and qualified team of qualified tax accountants who can help you in filing a proper and more accurate tax return. We provide an additional facility where we submit your tax returns online, so you receive the refund much faster.

Property Investment & Capital gain

When it comes to reducing tax liability, property investment is considered as one of the common method which reduces negative gearing. But you need to get the advice from a qualified professional if you are going that route. As your accountant, we can advice you on this and help you claim the proper eligible deductions that you are entitled for on your investment property.

If you are thinking of selling your property, you should consider capital gain tax as well. It is a complex process and people often do it incorrectly, thereby getting a penalty from the Australian Taxation Office. It might be your residential property as well which could be subjected to capital property tax. Don’t worry! We are experienced and knowledgeable in Property Investment related tax matters and will help you in the process and make sure that your investments are secure.