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How to Get Tax Returns From Previous Years?

Every year, you have to submit tax returns depending on how much you are earning annually. Taxpayers who overpaid their taxes over the year are eligible to receive a refund. Keep on reading to know how to get tax returns from previous years.

How To Get Back Tax Returns

To gain funds owed to you by the government, you must file a tax return first.

You can fill your tax return form online or on paper or with the assistance of a tax professional. You need to inform them how much money you make and if you are claiming any deductions.

They will use this information to determine whether you have paid enough or too much tax, are required to pay the Medicare levy or surcharge, and are eligible for any tax refunds. If you pay more tax than the amount necessary, the state will return the excess to you. If you do not pay enough tax, you will be issued a tax bill.

How To Get Copies Of Your Tax Returns

You can easily get copies of your tax document copies by requesting them on the ATO’s website. There are different options available for tax accountants, legal advisors, or sole proprietors.

How To Amend Tax Returns

Don’t be alarmed if you notice an error or anything you overlooked on your return after you’ve filed it. You can amend your filing to fix a mistake on your tax return.

You are eligible for amending tax returns in the following scenarios:

  • got it wrong when answering a question
  • forgotten to include specific earnings or a capital gain
  • overlooked to claim a deduction
  • something changed after you lodged your tax return (eg: getting a corrected payment summary, updated financial statements, a refund of any overpayments)

Filing your tax return can be complicated. You need to make sure everything is correct to prevent any future problems. This is why it is best to let the experts do it for you. Our experts at Ample Accounting are here to help you with all your taxation needs.

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