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Is it better to file taxes with an accountant?

The tax return process might seem simple, but in reality, understanding the changes in the taxation system, getting more tax refunds and avoiding mistakes might take a bit more than patience and time ― and that’s not even mentioning all the other things on your plate: family, work, budget, payrolls, etc.

So, here there are 3 reasons why it is better to file your taxes with an accountant: 

Save time and avoid stress

Although there are many online tools like tax return calculators and step-by-step guides, you will probably spend a lot of time researching and figuring out how to use them properly, increasing your stress levels while trying to juggle with all your responsibilities.

Tax accountants navigate the taxation system on a daily basis; leave it to a professional and concentrate on all the other activities that require your attention.

Avoid mistakes and possible repercussions

Paying the right amount of yearly taxes is important whether you’re a sole-trader, an individual or a company; mistakes in tax return forms and documents can have repercussions such as unnecessary loss of money or even penalties and audits.

Make sure you and your company are well informed and have the advice of a professional tax accountant to avoid problems with the taxation office.

Make the most out of your tax deductions 

Laundry and Internet expenses, donations, sunscreen and even the cost of a new mobile phone. Depending on your working conditions, you could claim a tax deduction from these and more items, but most of them are unknowingly left unclaimed.

Filing your taxes without the expertise of an accountant could save you a few dollars, but you could be leaving deductions out which could mean a smaller tax refund. 

At Ample Accounting & Taxation Services we are committed to providing quality services with reliable tax accountants in Sydney. Call us or visit us in our Bankstown office and let us give you peace of mind with advice on your specific situation and answers to all your questions, not only during tax season but throughout the year.

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