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Tax Return – Bankstown

Tax Return is an exciting word for us. July to October is normally known as tax time for Australian and we plan a lot of things based on expected income tax return for the year like plan for holiday, buy new car, pay off existing debt, deposit for new home, celebration and many more.

Then we have Australian Taxation Office (ATO) also known as revenue department for Australia. ATO deals with income tax return lodgements, verifications of entitlement, releasing tax refund, conduct audit etc.

Our taxation laws are completed and confusing in many cases. Our initial tax law was established in 1336 known as Income tax assessment ACT 1936 (ITAA1936) and review in 1997 known as Income tax assessment ACT 1997 (ITAA1997). Unfortunately, job is unfinished and still we shuffle between this two Acts. Then on top of that Commission of ATO recommends no of issues and parliament passes the bills. In most cases taxpayers are unaware of rules/legislations and get trapped of unknowing and pay penalty. Australian Taxation Office, with support of Federal Govt. is trying to pass information and making the department easy to access for taxpayers for better service. They are providing apps, online facility, so that taxpayers can monitor their tax matters. BUT, are taxpayers are knowledgeable about tax laws and legislations? Do they understand, what is the consequence? That is why your need to have a good tax agent to support you. Yes, it can be costly, but you will be in right track, which may save you from ATO penalty, general interest charge and massive debt of ATO.

Tax Return - Ample Accounting

Bankstown Best Tax agent- Ample Accounting & Taxation Services has experienced number of cases like this. Each year we find new clients, who have done their taxes by themselves and claimed non-deductible expenses or did not claim deductible expenses. At the end, the taxpayer becomes loser, and we hate to see that. To support taxpayer, we had to amendment tax returns.

We listen, care and support. We know your deductions to get you right tax back. We cover your PAYG, Motor vehicle deductions, Uniform deductions, other work-related deductions, investment/ rental property tax assessment, Capital gain tax issues and many more.

Are we cheap tax agent in Bankstown? It depends what measure you take to identify cheap tax agent. Is it in money value or quality? We provide quality service and, yes are cheap tax agent in Bankstown, cheap tax agent in Sydney in money value comparing the service provided. In fact, number of our clients mentions to us, they had amazing experience with us, which they never had with other tax agent/s.

Bankstown best accountant- Ample Accounting & Taxation Services, has been providing quality bookkeeping, accounting, and taxation services to the community. A good tax agent or accountant guides you to right path and keeps your account clean with ATO. And Ample Accounting & Taxation services is experienced accountant in Bankstown in this matter.

Small businesses are facing new challenges with Payroll reporting- Single Touch Payroll (STP), do not worry we got you covered.

We work with you to support your business grow, stay in shape, and make profit. We look after your business as our own.

We believe your business success is our success.

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